Comedian (and voice talent) Duane Goad

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Comedian Duane Goad – FOTMRS (Friend of The Marty Riemer Show, but if we’re forced to spell it out for you it defeats the purpose of using the sly abbreviation of FOTMRS) – joined Marty & Jodi today to bat around the news of the day.

Like the girl who casually says the “C” word twice to Meredith Viera on The Today Show.  Or the 16-year-old who is sailing around the world but got lost in the Indian Ocean (we said, take a left not a right!!)

Plus we recruit our old producer (OPOTMRS – You need to decode that one on your own) to attend the open casting call for The Bachelor on Sunday at Kent Station as our correspondent .

Jodi, Marty and comedian Duane Goad