Fifty shows in and still not on life support

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You may have lost count, but this is PODcast Episode #50.  Episode 50!?  The experts (OK, our parents) thought we were good for maybe 8 and now, we’re at #50.  Bring on the celebration.

The Tailenders along with our HR manager Greg Lawrence

And bring on the Tailenders.  A Seattle band that has just released their first CD entitled Koro, Koro, Koro, the meaning of which is discussed on the show.  In gruesome detail.  And they play live on the PODcast too,  conjuring up comparisons to The Doors and Radiohead.  FYI – The Tailenders return to West Seattle on June 29, to play The Skylark Cafe.

Also, a real life human resources professional (well, “professional” may be doing a disservice to that term) comes on for a formal PODcast performance evaluation.  How is Marty doing 50 episodes in? (Read the full – and rather harsh – performance evaluation HERE)

Candid shots of The Tailenders ready to play:

Josh and Paul (and Larry, hidden, on guitar) from The Tailenders

Bassist Micah and Drummer Scott from The Tailenders