Accepting Lance Armstrong's Challenge

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Would you like to cure cancer?  Sure you would.  Our guest, Mark Nesheim, encourages you to do your part by walking, running or riding in this year’s LiveStrong Challenge to benefit Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong Foundation.  Only four cities host a LiveStrong Challenge, Seattle being one of them on June 20, 2010, at The Seattle Center.

During our on-air interrogation of Mark Nesheim we also uncover his plans to open a small-batch whiskey distillery in Washington State.  That sounds intriguing.  Tell us more.

And finally, in the course of business today we uncover a wicked funny parody of that God-awful Owl City song about Fireflies.  And we recap the freestyling brilliance of last Friday’s PODcast guest Jonathan Kingham by actually transcribing the lyrics he dreamt up on the fly for us.