Hugh Hefner - Playboy, Activist and Rebel

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It’s a trainwreck of a podcast today as Marty & Jodi try to find a random citizen by phone to identify just one sitting justice on the Supreme Court (a new study says that 2/3 of Americans can’t name even one).

It turns out no one either has or answers their phone any longer, to say nothing of their being able to identify our top judges.

At least Hugh Hefner still will talk to us still using the old skool landline.

That’s right, Hugh Hefner joins the PODcast to talk up the new documentary based on a side of his life you may be unfamiliar with –  “Hugh Hefner – Playboy, Activist and Rebel.” (If you’d prefer to listen to the full unabridged Hefner interview click HERE).

Oh, and if you listen to today’s podcast and feel left out of the discussion of the three TV commercials, HERE they are.  Damn that audio-only podcast and its inability to convey French subtitles!