Bitches Unite!

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On today’s podcast Marty channels his inner Mad Men, or is it Darren Stevens, unveiling his first online advertising campaign for this year’s 20 Funny Festival.  And he discovers a strategy that really works.

Ignoring his previous disparaging remarks about the unnecessary bombast of U2’s 360 Tour, Bono invites Marty to tour U2’s production and shoot video of the massive spider being built prior to Saturday’s Qwest Field Concert.  Is Bono trying to win him over?  Well, this just might work, as Marty has a weakness for the engineering that goes into constructing enormous freaking spiders.

Also, Marty has a weakness for inspirational commencement addresses, and today he picks his favorite of this graduation season, which segues nicely into an inspirational performance from Seattle-by-way-of-Nashville singer Loni Rose.  Loni kicks off her Pledge Music fundraising campaign for her next record with a live performance of a brand new, never before performed song called Bitches Unite.  It’s a song that Marty feels speaks directly to him.


Loni Rose and Marty

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