Cell Phone Causes Cancer?

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Downloading this podcast on your cell phone has been determined to cause CANCER by the World Health Organization.  Our advice: keep the podcast at least three feet from your head and your reproductive organs.  What the hell is your cell phone doing in your crotch anyhow?

On Today’s show Marty struggles with what to do with his U2 tickets.  Go to the show and reveal himself to be just another corporate rock sellout??  Never!  Or maybe he will attend, ‘cuz the show might be pretty awesome!  Also Marty’s co-host, writer Michael Stusser, aims to get Marty fired from yet another job thru a series of investigative questions regarding his afternoon radio show. Is Marty happy with the new philosophy in radio of “less is more?” This philosophy is clearly not embraced by his podcasting alter-ego.

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