Twelve-year-old guitar prodigy Nolan Garrett performs

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According to Malcom Gladwell in his latest book Outliers: The Story Of Success, there is no such thing as a prodigy – i.e. natural superstar talent.  Success comes from tenacious practice and good timing.

We put that theory to the test today on the podcast as we invite twelve year-old guitar “prodigy” Nolan Garrett on to perform.

As the official PODcast of Bumbershoot we announce the artist lineup as it stands on June 1, 2010.

Plus, our PODcast Music Director Chris Mays introduces us to an old soul flame, Bettye LaVette, who has released a new recording of British covers.

Chris Mays’s pick:

Bettye LaVette - Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook