From U2 to thieving Valedictorians, it's a podcast potpourri

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Here’s our punch list for today’s 40th Anniversary PODcast!  (Wha? The podcast has been on for 40 years?? Oh, 40th episode.  Got it.)

  • Hear The Edge from U2 explain the postponement of their Seattle concert date.
  • Pass judgment on the Columbia University Valedictorian.  Did he hack his commencement address?
  • Pick the Top-10 Series Finales of all time.
  • Invite Seattle Weekly Managing Editor Mike Seely in to play a round of Blatant Stereotyping.
  • Promote the Christopher-Cross-loving-crap out of The Seattle Weekly’s “Soft Rock Cafe” event Thursday night at Hatti’s Hat in Ballard.

Let’s get to it.