Cougar Town's Brian Ellefson on Mexican Painkillers

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The podcast goes international!  After a good laugh listening to the sound of the U.S. Presidential limousine as it high centers on a driveway in Dublin (you can also watch the video below, but the sound alone is too funny), we check in with our touring European minstrel Camille Bloom to see if she’s attracted any creepy German fans.  And she has!

Then we present our first official installment in the basement AQUA QUIP FIRESIDE CONCERT SERIES, with Brian Ellefson.  Maybe it’s that he was born in Hawaii, maybe it was the bare feet, or the fact that he was on Mexican tranquilizers, whatever the case, here’s a guy who is every bit as chill as Jack Johnson.  His music, which has been featured on ABC’s Cougar Town, and his story impressed us.  Less than two years ago after reading one chapter in a self-help, follow-your-dreams, but-don’t-quit-your-day-job book, he quit his day job and devoted himself fulltime to music.  His debut CD is called Panoramic View.

Here is a link to RED CROSS.

Brad Uprton, Marty, and Brian Ellefson


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