Jenna Fischer from The Office and our weekend wrap-up

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Marty, Jenna Fischer and Jodi Brothers at SIFF

Jenna Fischer (The Office) charms our podcast today in a pre-recorded conversation from this past weekend.  Jenna was in Seattle for the world premier of her new film “A Little Help” at the Seattle International Film Festival.

Jenna Fischer and Rob Benedict at the SIFF premiere of "A Little Help" Photos by April Brimer

Written and directed by Michael Weithorn (writer/creator of “King of Queens”) and co-starring Rob Benedict (who also reveals some insights into the casting process on today’s podcast), Fischer plays a recently widowed mother who gets caught up in a web of lies to protect her son, herself, her deceased husband and her brother-in-law (Benedict).

In our conversation with Fischer she cops to the last time she was in Seattle .. sixteen years ago as a murder suspect!  How she chooses her roles, and whether smoking will ever be her thing.

Plus, Marty & Jodi rally support on behalf of singer-songwriter and former podcast guest Camille Bloom to vote for her for the Seattle stop of the Lilith Fair Tour.  Admittedly, it’s a convoluted voting process, but we’d like to see Camille fulfill her dream of playing at Lilith.  Vote here.