Legendary drummer for Yes and John Lennon

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Yes, balls to the wall! And by Balls we mean the one-hit supergroup starring our special guest, Alan White. The legendary drummer for Yes, John Lennon, and of course, Balls, stops by for his annual visit before the Music Matters Live benefit tomorrow (May 12th) at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre.

This year’s spectacle features a litany of past Moldy Basement guests, including Vicci Martinez, LeRoy Bell and Star Anna, all backed by a 50-piece orchestra and all to benefit music education in our public schools.

In the midst of stories about dining with John Lennon and George Harrison (yeah, we’re not above name-dropping…), Oprah’s second best friend, comedian Greg Behrendtdrops in. (See him this weekend, May 11th & 12th, at Laugh’s in Kirkland). An aspiring rocker himself, Behrendt and White get into it about touring on the far side of the Internation Dateline, opening acts, and watching babboons have sex.
It all comes back to Balls, baby!

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