Star Anna and a live report from China

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One of the best parts of hosting a podcast is that we get to live vicariously through our guests. Whether it’s dating a 19-year-old foreign au pair, rockin’ on stage in front of 35,000 with Pearl Jam, or crapping into a hole in China while packing your own T.P. We want to do it all! But not if it means leaving the Moldy Basement.

Our guests today have done it all. Former traffic reporter Reiny Cohen is on a six-month sabbatical in China and Skypes in live with an unvarnished insight into that experience. It’s been kind of a cross between Fear Factor and being berated by a Chinese Simon Cowell.

Meanwhile the fabulous Star Anna and Justin Davis return after a whirlwind year of touring and sharing stage real estate with Pearl Jam. Their headlining (along with Alan White, Vicci Martinez, LeRoy Bell and Brad) next weekend’s Music Matters Live show at the Paramount. This is the third year for this worthwhile benefit to promote music education in public schools. You can support the cause by attending the show, Saturday, May 12th – we’ll be there, which belies our reputation of never leaving the bunker – or sporting some new Music Matters license plates HERE.

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