Barcelona plays a few songs, King County's Eco-Consumer,Tom Watson, discusses self defense techniques and a review of ColdPlay's Seattle show.

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Somehow on today’s show we invented two of the best band names ever: Noise-turd and Face of Waste. How we got there, let alone why, is complicated.

It involved discussions with our co-host Shawn Stewart, and King County’s Eco-Consumer specialist Tom Watson about self-defense techniques (Marty says hug ’em, Shawn goes for a knee to the nuts … figures), the future of planet Earth (Marty goes with dismal, Tom says hopeful … figures), and ColdPlay’s performance in Seattle (which everyone seemed to say was fantastic – consensus!!)

The band that’s been called Seattle’s ColdPlay (because they have a piano and guys playing instruments … get the similarity?), Barcelona came by to play a few songs off their forthcoming new CD “Not Quite Yours,” prior to their official CD Release Party, May 18th & 19th at the Columbia City Theater. The band got their name from a band homework assignment, “Everyone, come back to our next practice with 30 band name ideas.” So, we took the challenge ourselves and came up with Noise-turd and Face of Waste.

And we’re done.

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