Flying 35000 feet, Just a Little Bumpy

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Today we take an unvarnished, honest look at air travel with a commercial pilot who we will call Roger Over, to protect his identity.  Or sometimes we call him Sean O’Connor when we forget to protect his identity.

So, what would realllllly happen if we didn’t shut off our electronic devices at takeoff?  Does turbulence ever unnerve a pilot?  Do pilots get to watch DVD’s or read books on long runs?  Does a starting pilot these days really only make $19K a year?  What is lap time and how can we get some?  These questions and many more are addressed.

Mixed in with our aviation expose, we catch a live performance from Heart by Heart, starring powerful, blow-the-windows-out-the-basement vocalist Somar Macek and Heart’s original bassist Steve Fossen.  Somar and Steve are dialed in to take part in the Synergia Northwest show May 6, 2011, at the Moore Theater.

Somar Macek, Sean O'Connor (a pilot A.K.A. Roger Over), Marty, Dick Rossetti, and Steve Fossen


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