Jon Wells, author of Shipwrecked blasts Seattle Mariner management and music by the young Seattle-based band, The Good Hurt

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Happy 4-20. What were doing just now?

The most optimistic Mariner fan in the world … was not in the studio today. Author of Shipwrecked – A People’s History of the Seattle Mariners – Jon Wells blasts Mariner management and asks why in the day of MLB parity are the M’s the only AL team never to have played a World Series. Yeah, Good Question! You have to hear his answer for what the solution is. It’s not pretty. And may involve getting Ted Nugent involved.

Plus, The Good Hurt, a young Seattle-based band that in two-years has already accomplished more than many bands that have played for decades, lays down two lovely tunes and answers intern-Mike’s question about Betty White, Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters. Again, not a pretty answer. Paging Ted Nugent.

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