Marty with 99 Problems, HUGO

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Some bad-ass music today on the podcast from Hugo, an artist born in London, raised in Thailand – where he enjoyed a successful music career – discovered by Beyonce, signed by her man Jay-Z, and then relocated to New York.  Whew, just reading the guy’s bio gives you jet lag.  His version of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems, a fusion of hillbilly and hip-hop, is freaking awesome and makes us happy.  That’s partly due to the banjo.

Plus co-host Bill Wixey from Q13 Fox Morning News shares his impressions of the Nirvana Exhibit that opened last Friday at the Experience Music Project.  It’s an excellent show, but amusing how they treat a 20-year-old sweater like it’s an ancient relic.

Marty, Bill Wixey and Hugo

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