Alison Holcombe, attorney for the ACLU, makes a pitch to legalize marijuana, Erin Austin plays solo and Camille Bloom co hosts before heading out for her European tour.

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On the day the New York Times runs a feature on Washington State’s progressive marijuana initiaive 502 – the country’s first full legalization measure on the ballot this November – we host the initiative’s sponsor. Alison Holcombe is an attorney for the ACLU who makes a compelling pitch for the state to legalize, control and regulate the weed. She even convinced us. And that’s not easy. Ha! If you believe that, you’re totally high.

Also, making her third appearance on the podcast – and copping to her own run-in with Johnny Texas Ranger out snooping for some illegal hooch – is the lovely Erin Austin of OK Sweetheart. Erin plays the Moldy Basement solo for the first time, just before she meanders down to Tacoma for a show on Saturday (4/14) at Urban Grace supporting old friends Ivan and Alyosha.

And lest we forget our lovely co-host on this Friday the 13th (obviously a lucky day for us), Camille Bloom. Camille is about to embark on her Live in Europe 2012 tour, but before she goes a couple more chances for you to see her live and local.

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