Who is the hardest worker? Mexicans and Japanese.

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It’s our own version of the Stockholm syndrome, when we fall in love with the artists we host on the podcast.  Today we reignite our passion for the Billie Holiday-inspired duo known as OK SWEETHEAT, whose previous visit to our studios is highlighted on Live from the Moldy Basement Volume 1.  Originally from Oklahoma (that’s the OK in OK SWEETHEART) and now residing in NY, they find themselves in Seattle this week for a show Thursday, April 14, at Treehouse Point in Issaquah (Tickets HERE).

Speaking of Stockholm Syndrome, turns out our Swedish friends have run into some labor issues at the US’s lone IKEA plant in Danville, VA.  Have we become a third-world labor pool for Western Europe, too beaten down to even complain about our own treatment?  Marty and co-host Dick Rossetti host a lively discussion about just that.

OK SWEETHEAT, Marty, and Dick Rossetti


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