Who pushes an On-Star Button? Yaz Does!

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It’s an exciting romp through history with Professor Riemer, as a lot of crazy s%&* went down on this day in history.  The Civil War began 150 years ago today and reenactment kooks have been trying to recreate the frivolity of warfare ever since.  The Russians launched Yuri Gagarin into space on this day 50 years ago, in a capsule that came back to earth looking like, as Marty describes it, a huge elephant nugget.  Thanks to Gagarin’s courageous first manned launch into space, Yaz can punch the On-Star button in his satellite-tracked Saturn whenever he feels lonely.  And 25 years ago this month, the nuclear facility at Chernobyl exploded.  Since then, the evacuated zone has become a hot tourist destination.  Hot.


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