Conspiracy Theories with Cap'n Crunch and Fences

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A show chock full of Roswell aliens, sugar-drenched cereals and one of the hippest and hottest bands in Seattle right now, Fences.

Squeezed in between a successful US tour and a homecoming show at Neumos in Seattle this Saturday, April 16, 2011, Christopher Mansfield of Fences reacts to being told he looks like Michael Stipe of REM and then grabs the guitar that’s been sitting idle in the corner of our Moldy Basement for years and knocks out two mesmerizing live songs from their latest CD.

Then, things get weird (or weirder).  It seems the FBI itself is admitting that three-foot-tall aliens (the depiction of Alf wasn’t far off) crash landed in Roswell, NM in 1947.  So says a document written by an FBI Special Agent in 1950 and just released on the FBI’s new online reading room The Vault.

And, Marty gets hypnotized by Cap’n Crunch on sale at QFC for $1 a box.  Is this, as the Aztecs had predicted, a sign of the end times, or are the rumors on the internet true: Cap’n Crunch is being phased out by the cereal manufacturer General Mills?

Fences, Marty, and Cap'n Crunch


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