One of the Most Beautiful Singer-Songwriters, Ron Sexsmith

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Today we are honored to spend 40 minutes with one of the most beautiful singer-songwriters of our time, Canadian Ron Sexsmith.  Admired by artists from Elton John to Elvis Costello that he himself grew up admiring, Sexsmith is one of a kind.  A gentle, introspective artist who doesn’t drive, shuns technology and who readily admits was born to do one thing, make music.  A new film called “Love Shines” documents the passion that Sexsmith and renowned producer Bob Rock poured into the making of Ron’s latest CD “Long Player, Late Bloomer.”

Ron plays the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle, Tuesday, April 5, 2011, and also does an in-store at Silver Platters on lower Queen Anne at 6:30PM the same day.

Marty, Ron Sexsmith, and Mike Seely

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