Marty calls in from a Berlin bathroom and Alesandra Rose from the Kindness Kind plays music

There is no webcast due to technical difficulties.  Sorry.

Our first international, intercontinental, cross-cultural podcast is – how they say in Germany – a bit of a cluster. But what it lacks in technical savior faire is made up for with good intentions and great live music.  While Marty reports live from Berlin on the state of bathroom technology in the Fatherland – those Germans invest a lot in faucet design – our old friend Shawn Stewart and trusty Yaz hold down the fort in the Moldy Basement.  Plus we get a live in studio performance from Alessandra Rose – formerly of The Kindness Kind – that echoes around the globe.  There may not be any video to go along with today’s show, but Marty’s Skype image makes him look like an uncooked piece of Schnitzel, so it’s all for the better.

Shawn Stewart and Alessandra Rose



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