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MSNBC Deputy Business Editor Al Olson focuses on the burgeoning medical marijuana industry, which he estimates in one of his recent columns as a $1.7 billion business, and growing.  Fast.  (Speaking of growing fast (badum bum), Viagra, by comparison, is a $1.9 billion business.)  How are investors beginning to take advantage of the opportunities?  How are entrepreneurs dealing with the apparent conflict between federal drug laws and state legalization?

Also on the show today, Seattle’s Danny Quintero, who has found his calling channeling the voices and the style of American singers Frank Sinatra, Louis Prima and Dean Martin.  You will not believe that he is only 21!  You can watch his performance HERE.

And our old friend and producer, Brian Muchinsky, brings his quick wit to bear as special guest co-host on today’s show.  Experience more of Brian’s lightening fast wit this Friday night at a showcase of his improv troupe HERE.

Marty, Brian Muchinsky, Al Olson, and Danny Quintero


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