The Melodic Caring Project and Tap Project

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A raucous show today with special guest co-host Camille Bloom. In between Camille’s stories about men peeing in Renton and copping to her own sordid past, we find out that Marty has a new secret passion for wine. Actually he could care less about wine, but he has a trick for faking it.

Then we welcome Levi Ware back to the show. Last time he was on the show he was partnered with 7-11. Free Slurpees for everyone! But this time he’s here supporting an even sweeter project, the Melodic Caring Project. A music-based group that he founded that’s all about beaming good vibes and good tunes to young people struggling with serious illnesses. You can support the Melodic Caring Project by attending Levi’s show at the Fremont Abbey on March 29th.

And obviously, the show is compensating for some evil deed because then we introduce you to another worthwhile cause. Meet Sarah Liberator and Stefanie Sugihara who are organizing a benefit of their own, the Tap Project Benefit to bring fresh water to third world countries. Their show starring numerous bands from past MRS podcasts lands at the High Dive in Fremont on Friday, April 6th.

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