a Dash of Music, a Pinch of Humor, and a Dose of Herbalist Remedies

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Like an old time apothecary, today’s show mixes a dash of music, a pinch of humor, and a dose of herbalist remedies to kick-start your day.

First, we go live to Lukas Nelson‘s tour bus via Skype to catch the up-and-coming outlaw rocker as he awakens on the road en-route to a Seattle Showbox show March 24, 2011.  Lukas is Willie Nelson’s proud offspring who’s been touring and making music with Willie since he was just a sprout.  On today’s show Lukas talks about the first song he ever wrote at the ripe old age of 11, which Willie recorded.  The ominously prescient song he crafted just a week before the Japanese Tsunami.  And the “drug talk” that his father – whose liberal attitudes toward “herb” are renowned – had with him.

And speaking of herbs – those of the more legal variety – Karyn Schwartz, a highly regarded community herbalist, and owner of the Sugarpill on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, stops in for a discussion on the state of naturopathic medicine and homeopathic treatments.  And ultimately, what is an Herbalist?

Karyn Schwartz, Marty, and Camille Bloom


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