St. Patrick's Day & SXSW = Festival!!

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Happy ST. Patrick’s Day! And to celebrate Marty and his Irish sidekick, Drew Dundon, Skype with Bridget.  From the living room in her four bedroom Dublin flat, Bridget, a former Edmonds, WA resident, puts her celebration (read: boozing) on hold for a few moments to address our questions, concerns and our fascination with her attractive Irish door knob.  In this instance, door knob doesn’t refer to, say, an idiot but an actual door knob.  Marty’s weird.

While our Skype connection is hot, we also use it to hook-up with our stringer Sarah Liberator live from the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, TX.  Former podcast performer, rising star, and Shaun White look-a-like Cody Beebe also steps in to share the enthusiasm of attending his first SXSW festival as a performer and a fan.