Scott Giampino from The Triple Door makes new music suggestions and The Best Blues Band in America, The WIRED play a few songs.

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Oh sure, we had a rough start. One camera goes on the fritz, Yaz shutsdown the headphones making Marty think he’s gone deaf. But pros play hurt. And what a sweet recovery.

It’s been awhile since the show was entirely focused on music. Awesome new music suggestions – ranging from new Alexi Murdoch to Todd Snider and blues sensation Gary Clark, Jr. – from Triple Door booker Scott Giampino. Plus, some cool isnide information about people at the Triple Door private suites who insist on “puttin’ it on the glass.”

And then … hold it … hold it … THE BEST BLUES BAND IN AMERICA!! And that’s not just us talking our usual smack. The WIRED! Band won the 2012 Internation Blues Challenge in Memphis and play two fantastic, old-school blues numbers from their new CD “Washington Blues.

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