Two Musicians, Two Co-Hosts or Two Guests? Drew Dundon & Camille Bloom

No WEBcast today, due to a Ustream’s maintenance.

Camille Bloom lands in the guest host chair today as we discuss the financial and emotional impact of her weekend fund-raising concert.
Plus Marty acknowledges the remarkable stoicism of the Japanese people in the face of overwhelming tragedy.  No looting, no pandemonium, a strong sense of community.  We are asking Yaz to infuse us with some of those proud Japanese traits.  As long as the infusion doesn’t hurt, because we’re squeamish when it comes to pain.

Meanwhile, in other less savory Tsunami-related news, the AFLAC duck – or rather the unlikely celebrity voice behind the duck – gets fired for launching a series of lame Tweets about the Japanese disaster.

And our frequent podcast co-host Drew Dundon does a different role on today’s show, as guest singer-songwriter.  Drew plays a couple of his original compositions live on the podcast prior to taking the stage at Egan’s Ballard Jam House with fellow Irishman Andy White tonight, March 15, 2011.

Marty, Drew Dundon, and Camille Bloom