Is the Moldy Basement really Moldy?

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Just the other day as we were promoting our CD Live from the Moldy Basement Volume 1 (a magnificent collection of music available HERE), we thought to ask ourselves, “Just how moldy is the Moldy Basement.”  To answer that question we call in the experts from the American Lung Association who provide free (because free helps you breathe easier) indoor air quality assessments in Seattle and King County.  Turns out we’re good on mold, short on oxygen.  Wicked high CO2 levels in the basement are most likely the result of Yaz breathing too much.  Yaz has promised to hold his breath until after each day’s show.

Speaking of panting, join Marty and Yaz as they compete in the 2011 “Fight for Air Walk and Run,” May 1, 2011, at Seattle’s Magnuson Park to benefit the American Lung Association. Fighting to improve air quality – indoor and out – helping smokers quit, providing respiratory therapy to asthma sufferers are just some of the services provided by the Lung Association.  Help us help them by joining our team, “Marty’s Inflatables” (CLICK HERE), and observe firsthand the affects that working in an oxygen-starved basement has had on our fitness level.


Marty, Reiny Cohen, Aileen Gagney and Amy Holan