Roller Derby!

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While we save up to make a pitch for one of our own state liquor stores that are now up for auction, we continue the sober, clear-headed grind in the Moldy Basement.

TOday, we’re joined by comedian-bashing comedian Andy Kindler. Dane Cook is like Hitler (even worse than, according to Andy), Kevin James got a butt lift, and let’s hope he never bumps into Adam Sandler. In case Adam is looking for him, Andy Kindler is at Laugh’s in Kirkland this weekend, Friday and Saturday night.

And weren’t we just saying the other day, there’s nothing sexier than violent women on skates? Three of Seattle’s Rat City Roller Girls give us some schoolin’ on Jammers, whips, and sternum blocks. Watch them pack Key Arena on March 24th, their next bout.

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