Italian Justice System to Grey's Anatomy

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We venture from the dark to the light today.  Dr. Mark Waterbury, author and forensic scientist, has devoted a significant amount of time investigating the Amnada Knox case.  According to Waterbury, not only is Amanda innocent, but she’s been railroaded by the Italian justice system.  He makes his case on the podcast.

And then the light.  Two wonderful singer-songwriters Laura Jansen and Cary Brothers who are in town in support of Joshua Radin (Showbox at the Market, March 9th) stop by to share their music, stories about assembling one of the best soundtracks of all time – The Garden State Soundtrack – creepy music producers in Hollywood, and hermaphrodites on Grey’s Anatomy.

It’s the full meal deal on today’s show.

Laura Jansen, Cary Brothers, Marty, Kriten Ward, and Dr. Mark Waterbury