Listen to How Professionally Marty Handle the Last Minutes Cancellation

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What happens when a podcast guest cancels 30 minutes before airtime (hello Amy Okuda, we’re talking to you!)?  Since performers and broadcasters are trained to deal with such unexpected course changes, you can be assured that Marty will handle it like a seasoned professional.  Or he’ll simply just freak out.

That’s right, today on the podcast Marty goes out of his chicken.  Think Charlie Sheen when he’s not on the drug called Charlie Sheen.  To Marty’s credit he does try and pull it together, to “play hurt” as they say in the business, to welcome comedic-actor George Segal to the show.  George Segal!?  Where did he come from?  Apparently professional broadcasters like Marty always have George Segal standing by in the wings in case the bottom falls out.