Mix of Comedy and Flirting

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Today’s show formula:  Open with a call from comedian Marc Maron as he makes his way to the airport for a weekend at Laughs in Kirkland (Friday and Saturday, February 25th & 26th).  Maron who’s become a trailblazer in the world of podcasting (WTF with Marc Maron), credits the show – and his uninterrupted Twitter output – with saving his life,

Then we’re joined by Kate Stewart, a University of Washington Experimental College Instructor, who teaches classes on the art of flirting:  Flirting 101. Equally as intriguing as her forums on flirting, is her day job as a psycho therapist specializing in polyamorous clients – people who are in long term relationships, but with more than one person.

Marty, Kate Stewart, and Drew Dundon