A world of fairs

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When the show starts with everyone taking a hit off a new caffeine inhalant called Aero Shot, that we talked about on the podcast two weeks ago, it’s bound to get electric.

First we trip back in time to the Seattle World’s Fair and meet Marci Terry, one of the original, “young, attractive and intelligent” hostesses recruited for the Bell Pavilion. Her earrings went on a date with Elvis Presley. Try and top that, people!

And while we’re on the topic of fairs, we welcome back Andrew Vait’s Eternal Fair for their second appearance. Two fantastic, funky new songs, and a cold-call to a Marty Riemer Show listener (who was dead asleep) to award him some tickets to Eternal Fair’s CD release tomorrow night at the High Dive.

If we may recommend some Aero Shot for that sleeping guy

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