Mr. Powers

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We’ve got two words for you today – FUNK YOU! Although, it’s the new meaning of Funk You, so it’s cool.

It’s our show about women! Women of the 1960’s. Attractive women. 5’6″ and taller, wearing hosiery. Those were the requirements to work Seattle’s World’s Fair in 1962. And to visit the White House pool with JFK. Say hello to Mr. Powers.

And since our show’s about women, we introduce an all-female funk band (who are the ones who bring new meaning to the term Funk You) Seattle funk outfit called Kissing Potion. Nine members, all women .. except for those three dudes, who somehow managed to break the glass-ceiling of funk. Fortunately they’re attractive and over 5’6″.

See Kissing Potion tonight, Friday, February 10th, at Seattle’s Hard Rock Cafe.

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