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Another Friday and another cause for Marty to champion.  This time Marty takes issue with 21 and over shows.  Stop the arcane liquor laws that segregate young people to their own seedy, alcohol-free (yeah, right) raves.   Or at the very least let Marty in on the raves.

Today, on OUR all-ages show, live music from country-rock three-piece, The Ethan Freckleton Band (High Dive in Fremont, February 13, 2011 … 21 and over .. Ouch).  As an esteemed former member of the Nashville Songwriters Association, Ethan casts light on the oppressive guidelines imposed by the industry on country music songwriters.  We always suspected something was up with country music, but Ethan brings the proof.  I mean, what are the odds that so many country stars have bad jobs and pickup trucks?

Ethan Freckleton Band and Marty & Drew Dundon