From the Rooftop To the Basement

Due to a technical difficulty on Ustream, there is no WEBcast today.

The Beatles last manager, Ken Mansfield, commemorates the 42nd anniversary of the famed Beatles Rooftop Concert with vivid tales of that windy, cold, and historic day in 1969.  Ken as the American head of Apple Records from 1968-1970 was one of the few Yanks in attendance on the roof easily identified in photos as the guy in the white topcoat, which he explains on today’s show.

To further commemorate the anniversary of that rooftop concert, the popular Beatles cover band Creme Tangerine will play their on rooftop show atop the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle this Saturday, January 29, 2011, at noon.  Their 2009 and 2010 rooftop concerts drew thousands to Seattle’s Pike Place Market and were hosted by Ken Mansfield, a witness to history.  This year’s show is benefit for Northwest Harvest.  Please bring donations!