Live music with Tambourine & Harmonica.

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Live music returns to the podcast today showcasing two of the most under-appreciated instruments in popular music! Woah, that’s quite a statement, but hear us out.

The Black Whales (Tractor Tavern, Saturday, January 22nd) are a sweet Seattle five piece whose catchy melodies are laced with tambourines and harmonica.  Tambourine and harmonica, people!  They immediately conjure up groovy images of free love, sunshine, bell bottoms, and Tracy Partridge (who, truth-be-told, destroyed the image of the tambourine as the instrument even a four-year-old could play when your mom doesn’t want to pay for extended daycare while she hauls the rest of the family around the country in a psychedelic bus).

Tune into the show today, with guest co-host Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur, and transport yourself to a simpler, jingle-janglier time.

The Black Whales, Nicole Brodeur, and Marty