This is Tesla Roadster sounds like. Can you heat it?

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Today Marty and his guest co-host Gregg Hersholt geek out over the very first $109,000 all-electric Tesla Roadster sold in Seattle as it stealthily pulls up outside the podcast studio.  Owned by Mark Mullet, proprietor of the Zeeks Pizza and Ben & Jerry’s in Issaquah, the Roadster is a serious rocket ship that pulls one G at full acceleration and has a range of 240 miles on a full charge.  Listen to the podcast, then watch the video as Mark gives Marty a neck-snapping test drive after the show.

Gregg Hersholt, Mark Mullet, and Marty with Tesla Roadster

Marty Riemer takes an all-electric Tesla Roadster on a test drive with the owner of the first Tesla sold in Seattle, Mark Mullet. How many times can Marty say “Oh my God!!” in 0-60?