How to find mushrooms?

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Today, Jodi Brothers shocks the podcast world with her announcement of future endeavors.  What, Jodi has a job?  Where?  When?  But most importantly, WHY?!

Also, we welcome Wild food forager, master of mycology Jeremy Faber to the moldy basement (a perfect setting for Jeremy who feels most at home among spores and fungi).  Jeremy’s insights into harvesting wild foods – mostly mushrooms – and marketing them to the Northwest’s finest restaurants are fascinating.  Which mushrooms are most sought after, i.e. lucrative?  How to deal with Fish and Wildlife Officers when your picking the ‘shrooms?  How to differentiate between tasty, psychedelic and deadly mushrooms?  Which wild plants have medicinal values and which of Marty’s ailments will they cure?  These questions and more are discussed on today’s PODCAST!

Marty, Jeremy Faber, and Reiny Cohen